Recovering critical raw materials from electronic waste and addressing the principles of the Circular Economy

About us


Circular Resources is an industrial clean-tech company focused on critical raw material extraction having developed a unique technology that addresses an urgent global problem

Circular Resources owns a patented technology originally designed in New Zealand with research, testing and initial manufacturing carried out in the US. It is now commercially deploying this technology with Project implementation underway in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The initial application for the modular system is the sustainable recovery of critical raw materials from end of life electronic items, guaranteeing secure data destruction within the process.

The technology offers a cost effective circular solution, feeding resources back into the economy whilst solving various challenges, namely environmental protection obligations, emissions to atmosphere control, GDPR compliant data destruction and energy recovery.

About us


In 2019 53.6m tonnes of electronic waste was disposed of globally becoming the fastest growing waste stream in the world.


By 2050 the world will generate 110m tonnes of electronic waste for disposal.


Only 12.5% of the E-Waste produced annually is recycled


80% of E-Waste is destined for an environmentally harmful end-of-life.


E-Waste represents 70% of all the toxicity in landfills globally


  • Displaces harmful and environmentally damaging primary mining activities that contribute 50% of the worlds greenhouse gas.
  • Embraces circular economy principles
  • Embraces the principles of Environmental and Social Governance(ESG)
  • Reduces the volume of e-waste sent to landfill or substandard processing facilities
  • Creates 100+ new jobs for each Hub for at least 10 years (400+ jobs in total)

Creates 100+ new jobs for each Hub at least 10 years (400+ jobs in total)

5000 ton

5000 tonnes processed per unit per annum

  • Aligns with the United Kingdom Industrial Strategy/Clean Growth Agenda, contributing to Net Zero 2050
  • Guarantees secure data destruction, meeting EU GDPR obligations
  • Creates materials self-sufficiency (sovereignty) by reducing dependency on imported materials
  • Patent registered and pending in 38 countries
  • The technology is modular,scalable and capable of rapid deployment
  • 5000 tonnes processed per unit per annum
  • Whole items including batteries may be processed